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Tips to buy or rent your next property

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

We’ve made a quick and easy checklist for you to choose your next property in anywhere. In this blog post, we’ll share the checkpoints with you to make the best deal. all those points have points sum all ones you agree and at the final of the blog, you will know if you have to buy/rent or nothing at all.please take your time to check all those checkpoints.

1- First than all and foremost if when you know the place, you want to live there. (10 pts)

If you feel that is a great place to live is the best signal to know that you need to buy this new place.

If you want to live there could be that you may use whenever you want and maybe if you are thinking about renting or buy for an invest the risk does not exist or could be a great investment, think about it. I know why I tell you that.

2- Has a beautiful view. (5 pts)

Do you know how is to live in a place with an amazing view of the sea, or maybe where you can see the city or enjoy sunsets or you may see mountains, nature, lakes also pools or better than everything? do you know how is to wake up and smell, a watch and get into a warm beach every day!. inclusive you can see a beautiful neighbor or maybe another one different each day per day. :) I'm just kidding

3- It is a new building. (5 pts)

Not too many people want to live in an old building another reason is all building has a time of life so if you buy something old, the life of this building could be less than a new place at least you want to remodel too many times. or maybe if don't have an elevator it is so sad and complicated. another reason is the new building has facilities and is completely sophisticate and technological.

4- It is a complete unit or a complex. (2.5 pts)

If you can do a lot of things without going out of your complex or unit, like gym, pool, sports fields, jacuzzi, Turkish bath..maybe is a great difference between others one. but the truth is you may use that facility two or four times in a year or maybe never in your life.

5- Is it a new area or Neighborhood. (0.5 pts)

young people don't want to live in a place far from your friends. If you can add that is a faraway place for everything you usually do you may add this one.

also, the new areas probably have the risk to be an unknown place or a place unsafe initially and is up to the area is not about me or what i think.

6- It is a popular or traditional neighborhood. (7 pts)

Did you know that all the people want to be at least one time in her life in a popular or famous place? just to know how it is the place in real life. the people love to make a post in your social media that they were there and the greater proof is taken pictures in those places, so it is a great property if it is located in one of this touristic or popular where everyone wants to be. an example is: ¿do you imagine have a floor close to Eiffel Tower? let's think about it...

7- There are attractions. (3.5 pts)

Do you know who wants to go to Disney world? a lot of people! or who want to know mayas ruins? Okay don't be demanding.. who wants to go to museums? beaches? historic places? clubs? there are exist a lot of places that qualified to be an attraction. and that's a great checkpoint to recognize in that place that you want to buy.

8-Has a pool. (3 pts)

Did you know who wants a pool? all your sons.. and the sons of everybody inclusive all the girls. when a group or a family wants to rent a place for vacation, someone asks has there pool. so if you want to buy a place for vacation rentals preferably had to have a pool. everyone will be happy and the place will have more than 70% of occupancy all year long.

9- It is a tourist area. (10 pts)

Did you know that touristic properties can make you rich fast?. It is easy I am an expert in that... There you can rent per day or also you can name it short term rentals, we can manage everything and just send you the weekly payments! Just call us to see all the things we can do for you

10- I like the neighborhood. (3 pts)

Did you know who lives in this neighborhood? is it an exclusive Neighborhood? famous people live there? There is a place where a lot of people want to live? so you can have a down risk cause you can sale easy and take a fast profit. the reason is that the place where a lot of people want to buy.

11- I don't like the furnished. (0 pts)

Forgive it! it doesn't may improve the place with us. you may buy all your stuff. ;)

12- Maths for dummies. (7 pts)

If you can make a great deal with the owner, you have to think about more than all if your place has more than 40 pts.

if the average square meter price is high than the final price. I didn't have to tell you, you really knew it.


More than 47 pts  BUY don't have to talk with no one is your best option. If you need a final Word please contact me.

Between 38 - 47 pts RENT could be a great place for live or maybe a great deal to flipping. Also if you need somebody to help you manage the place contact me I do everything.


Less than 20 Do Not think too much! seek at least a hundred of properties to take the best choice.

Thank you for using your time Reading me.

God Bless YOU!

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